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DoD Source esta sendo testado pelo pessoal da VALVE

Esta nota saiu no Steam - Update News...

Play-testing Day of Defeat: Source has taken over the Valve offices. We're expecting DoD fans and new players alike to have a blast with the game when it's released later this summer. Polishing work is being done right now on the player animations, as well as lighting work on the various maps. Current favorite features include the new grenade stun effect, and the ability to deploy the machine gun on any surface.
Those who are familiar with the game will recognize the area in the two screenshots below from the map "Donner".

Imagem 1

Imagem 2

CAL - Nova Temporada

Novos mapas:
 pre-season week1: dod_lennon
 pre-season week2: dod_zafod2_b5

Times que foram promovidos para  CAL-I Move
 New Dominion
 Awsome Sauce

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Video mostrando hitbox do CS:Source  totalmente fora de posição em relação ao modelo...

Para testar inicia um servidor cd CS:Source e coloca alguns bots e use os comandos abaixo

sv_cheats 1
sv_showhitboxes 2