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Steam atualizacao

Algumas atualizacoes que ocorreram no steam no dia 8/01

  • Added Guest Passes functionality - allows owners of certain Steam games to let their friends play games for free, for a limited time trial
  • Changed Steam client auto-update mechanism to first acquire updates in the background and then ask user whether to restart & apply
  • Added 5 new colored skins (Default, Ice, Sand, Obsidian, and Grey), selectable in "Settings"

DOD morre aos poucos

CAL cancelou a seasson 15 devido a inatividade dos players.

Aos poucos DOD esta acabando.

Season 15 Cancelled

We regret to inform you that this season of CAL DoD 1.3 has been cancelled as the community has reached a level of inactivity that it is unacceptable, and has made it impossible for us to continue this season and playoffs. We wish you the best of luck in your future gaming endeavors and thank you for last six years of support that you have shown both CAL and the CPL. We will consider hosting future DoD 1.3 divisions if we feel the community is ready to return to active and competitive play.